Outdoor Master Shark 2s Electric SUP Pump 20psi Battery Powered Portable Electric Stand Up Paddle iSUP, wing, Kite and Kayak

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Outdoor Masters Shark 2S - Electric Pump with Internal Battery

An electric paddle board pump that Inflates 4 boards in one go - inflates to 20PSI

The Outdoor Master Shark 2S is a versatile, two-speed pump equipped with a cooling fan, allowing it to inflate up to four boards consecutively to 20 psi without needing to stop. It also features a deflate option for added convenience.
The paddle board pump comes with an internal battery that can be charged via a USB port adapter, compatible with any plug adapter. Alternatively, it can be powered using the included 12V DC connector, making it easy to plug into your car for convenient outdoor use.


1. 20 PSI MAX
2. Battery volume: 88.8Wh
3. Operating noise: 83 db
4. inflating time: 9.5 minutes (300L/15 PSI)
5. Inflate & Deflate
6. Power supply: battery/ 12V DC 7. Charging method: type c
8. Working up to 30 mins constantly
9. Inflate/deflate 4 sup boards with full charged(300L/15 PSI)
10. Dual-stage inflation
11. Auto shut-off
12. Real-time pressure monitoring

The Shark 2S has passed multiple efficiency tests with CA65, CE and RoHS compliant certifications.

What’s the difference between the electric pumps on our website?

1-speed paddleboard pump:

"What does 1 speed mean?" This electric pump operates at a single speed, which means it inflates your board more slowly.

Why is this pump slower? Inflating a paddleboard to 20 psi requires a significant amount of pressure through the pistons. To avoid burning out the pistons within the motor, the pump inflates slowly, allowing for the higher pressure while ensuring the pump's durability.

How to use a single-speed pump to its full capacity: You may have noticed that inflating your board to 8 to 12 psi is relatively easy. The stronger you are, the more volume you can inflate without getting tired. To maximise the efficiency of a single-speed pump, start with a hand pump to get as much air into your board as possible (while it's still easy for you). Then, switch to the electric pump to complete the inflation process. As with any pump, make sure the valve is in the upright position before inflating. When transitioning from the hand pump to the electric pump, the air will not escape from the board.

2-speed paddleboard pump:

A 2-speed paddleboard pump offers two different inflation speeds.

The first speed is faster and allows the board to be inflated from 0 pressure more quickly than a single-speed pump (though not faster than manual inflation). Once the pump reaches higher pressure, it slows down and continues inflating at a lower speed. This gradual inflation prevents the pistons from burning out.

2-speed pump with cooling fan:

This pump performs the same functions as the 2-speed pump, but it includes an integrated cooling fan. This feature allows the pump to inflate up to three boards simultaneously without overheating.

2-speed pump with cooling fan and internal battery pack:

This pump performs the same functions as the 2-speed pump, but it includes an integrated cooling fan and an internal battery pack. This feature allows the pump to inflate up to three or four boards simultaneously without overheating and without using the car battery for charging, This is especially great for people with electric cars or people wanting to inflate there board away from the car.

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Great service and well priced

They shipped promptly and were very competitive in their pricing.