NEW SLS super star 2023 from DUOTONE
All SLS products follow our motto: Light Done Right! The SUPER_STAR SLS is our first wave sail that represents the SLS philosophy in an impressive way and inspires technological advances across the board. Never before has a DUOTONE wave sail been so light with such resilience and durability which is why for 2023 it remains technically unchanged, except for a sleek graphic update.. 
The SUPER_STAR SLS is a wave sail with membrane weight but reflexive feeling (not spongy – like with laminates and membrane sails). Not only is it light on the scales, but also in feeling on the water. In 2022 we reduced this sail right down to the very essentials to create an ultra-light and yet durable sail which is why it comes with our 2 + 3 year warranty!
  • Wave sail with membrane weight but reflexive (not spongy) feeling
  • Super durable with 5 year warranty
  • SUPER_STAR genetics to give you easy early planing riding
  • STRIPPED TO THE MAX: NEW As light as a membrane construction, without its enormous
    disadvantages in terms of durability and “sponginess” profile stability
  • CARBON XPLY: NEW XPly reinforced with unidirectional Carbon strings leads to unmatched
    low stretch and direct reaction
  • FORWARD, UP DRAFT: Designed with the characteristics of the SUPER_STAR HD, the forward and high draft position helps you get planing earlier and ride with ease
With the SUPER_STAR SLS we are fulfilling our own dream of the ultimate, ultra-direct wave sail with state-of-the-art technology. Incredible handling on the one hand through a minimum of parts and weight, yet no sacrifice in durability and longevity and therefore we awarded it the unsurpassed DUOTONE 5-year warranty! 
In the November edition of the Newscast, Marco Lang takes us deep into the World of Duotone. An exclusive interview with the new World Champion - Marion Mortefon, plus a first look at the WARP_FIN 2023 and the SUPER_STAR SLS, coming on the 28th. Plus, unseen footage from the PWA Japan and OBX Windsurfing Events! This newscast is jam packed with all the latest news from the World of Duotone!

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