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In 2022 we completely redesigned the WARP_FIN and we can firmly say the changes we made led to the best slalom racing sails we have ever made. How do we validate this claim? Well 8 Slalom World Champions and 20 World Class Podiums speaks for itself. At the highest level of fin-only slalom – Jenna Gibson and Jordy Vonk won the IFCA World Championships, meanwhile at the PWA in Japan, Marion Mortefon won the Slalom World title, also winning the only fin race of the week. 
At a junior level, a further 5 Duotone Young Bloods took the World Titles in their respective age groups at the IFCA JYM World Championships. This means, not only is the WARP_FIN the best racing sail for our professional World Class Athletes, but also for our highest performing juniors. For all sizes and skill levels, the WARP_FIN is the best fin-slalom racing sail on the market, and that is why for 2023 the design is unchanged.
  • Maximised planing power & acceleration 
  • Ideal mix of maximum power & forward pull without losing stability
  • Ultra lightweight
  • NO COMPROMISE DESIGN: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without losing stability / wind-range or becoming super physical 
  • SIZE SPECIFIC DESIGN: Thanks to three different, size-dependent concepts each sail size is individually matched to the wind strength
  • HIGH ASPECT RATIO: Less physical yet higher performance
In racing, maximum acceleration and control over the material are what count when it comes to standing at the top of the podium. You need ultimate speed and control on the course, but also to be able to sail for many hours in a row to win at the end of the week. The high aspect ratio design requires less power, is lighter in the hands and offers more control at the upper wind limit to make the sail as easy to use as possible, yet still deliver the highest performance. 
This week in Japan saw the final stage of the PWA World Tour Slalom and another win for #TeamDuotone! There was only one word to describe Marion Mortefon’s performance – dominant. Dominant on the fin, dominant on the foil, and that’s why Marion is the 2022 PWA Slalom World Champion! Congratulations Marion from everyone at Duotone HQ! Read the full story here. 
In the November edition of the Newscast, Marco Lang takes us deep into the World of Duotone. An exclusive interview with the new World Champion - Marion Mortefon, plus a first look at the WARP_FIN 2023 and the SUPER_STAR SLS, coming on the 28th. Plus, unseen footage from the PWA Japan and OBX Windsurfing Events! This newscast is jam packed with all the latest news from the World of Duotone!

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