Flymount - Worthing Watersports

This is Joe back in 2006, a windsurfer living and working in Tarifa.

Waterproof cameras were starting to boom and GoPro had just launched their first digital hero camera. People began talking about a thing called YouTube..

People wanted to film themselves windsurfing and would gaffer tape their waterproof cameras to their kit.

Ideas began whizzing round our heads.

We felt sure that we were on to something. From bits and pieces cobbled together from the supermarket to meticulously designed prototypes, it took another few years before the first production camera mounts (Flymount Original) were ready for market.

Flymount has evolved over the years to be the go-to mounts for water sports action-cam mounting.

It’s amazing to see all the incredible footage from around the world - we just want to get out on the water with you!




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