Duotone EVO D/LAB 2023 - Worthing Watersports


After a long time in the making, we’re super excited to launch the first D/LAB generation of our most popular kite model, the Evo. Delivering a significant performance upgrade from the Evo version and surpassing the SLS model in numerous aspects, the all-new Evo D/LAB is in a class all of its own. Unmatched durability thanks to the kite’s Aluula frame construction translates into the lightest Evo we’ve ever produced. you’re asking for and so much more!
With the Evo D/LAB in the larger sizes, previously “too light winds” suddenly represent a whole new playground for freeriders and foilers. And in stronger winds, the dynamic handling and stability, amazing acceleration, intuitive feel and insane jumping performance of this powerhouse will blow your mind. No matter whether you want to pull off some powerful loops, send it big, smash out some hooked tricks, play in the waves or ride in the lightest of breezes, the Evo D/LAB will deliver everything.
I nternational team riders Tom Hebert, Reno Romeu and Edgar Ulrich just had an epic time in New Caledonia during the recent Evo D/LAB photoshoot. We caught up with them after they had scored some amazing conditions to get the lowdown on all things about the Evo D/LAB. New Cal king Tom, who’s been riding the Evo and the Evo SLS for ages, is frothing on the supercharged version explaining to us in detail which flying properties impressed him the most. Young Blood Edgar Ulrich got totally hooked on the precision of the kite that enabled him to pull off jumping over a tree time and again, always landing faultlessly within centimetres of the previous boost. And Reno was blown away in particular with the stability of the Evo D/LAB in hardly any wind at all. Digging a bit deeper, we find out what kind of rider the trio thinks would benefit the most from the Evo D/LAB and how it compares to the Evo and the Evo SLS.

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