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Duotone have upgraded the Duotone Wing Academy App with a completely refreshed Set-Up and Basics category, enhancing your app experience even further! With updated techniques for your First Flight and new lessons such as Start with a Small Board, Surfing Swell or Riding with a Harness, the Wing Academy App will now further boost your progression.



With the Duotone Wing Foiling Academy App, you'll elevate your skills to the next level and become a part of our vibrant community!

This unique and complimentary tool offers tailored Wing Foiling videos, covering all the essential techniques and tricks from beginner to expert levels, along with personal tips from the world's top riders. You can begin your journey at any time, regardless of your current skill level.

Mastering Wing Foiling comes with a variety of challenges, from minor issues to significant obstacles that might impede your progress. Often, the solution is as simple as receiving the right advice at just the right time. Given the sport's diverse range of skills and disciplines, providing a universal guideline for all learners is a complex task.

Duotone have upgraded the Academy App with a completely refreshed Set-Up and Basics section, enhancing your app experience even further! It now features updated techniques that have evolved since Wing Foiling first made waves in water sports and introduced new lessons to boost your progress even more. Our focus extends beyond skill advancement to include safety, incorporating vital information to ensure the sport remains thrilling and secure for everyone.


Explore the new and improved Duotone Wing Academy App, now featuring brand-new videos, a feature to discover spots, direct messaging with other users, and a platform to share your wing foil achievements with a supportive community.


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