Nik Baker's Review of The new Duotone Whizz - Worthing Watersports
"Exciting new products with the Whizz especially as it's been getting a lot of interest at the demos we've been doing lately. 
The Duotone Whizz etc from my experiences:
Compared to the Duotone carve it is much better for pumping so for dock foiling, sup  or prone there a great option, the Roll from rail to rail with very little foot pressure and the stall speed is very low so making them a great option for our small slow moving waves we get on the south coast. Theres no where near as much front foot pressure compared to the carve so not as much lift when jumping. It is slower than the Duotone carve Dlab. The Duotone Carve is very good for freestyle jumping due to the massive front foot pressure and in proper waves for rail to rail hard carving and dealing with the messing turbulent water.
Compared to the Duotone Glide the Duotone Whizz has a better stall speed, gets going slightly earlier and deals with turbulent water way better. The Duotone Whizz is less stable from rail to rail compared to both Duotone Carve or Duotone Glide so it’s not for the entry level riders.  The Duotone Glide is faster than the Duotone Whizz for sure and is very stable from rail to rail and for a high aspect foil very easy to use compared to our competition. The Duotone Glide his slightly more efficient pumping if your a good pumper and you keep your speed.
So all in all the Duotone Whizz sort of sits between the Duotone Carve and the Duotone Glide i would say in many ways. "
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