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Since August 2018, Boards & More has been developing and distributing all Kiteboarding products, Windsurf sails and wings for Wing Foiling under the name Duotone. As Duotone already encompasses a large part of the water sports world, Boards & More decided to continue distributing Fanatic products from the performance Windsurf and Wing Foil sector under the Duotone brand name from 2023 onwards.  Afterall, “Together, we are simply stronger”.

"We are using synergies in the development of our different sports to strengthen our product excellence, which takes all the water sports equipment for our customers to the next level. Together, we are simply stronger - We are DUOTONE!"
Duotone's core values—leveraging cutting-edge technologies, ensuring unparalleled quality, and fostering ongoing development—will continuously lead us forward. Together with our R&D, distribution, production, and athlete teams, Duotone is committed to upholding these values and ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of water sports.
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