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Right I have just come in from a quiet session at shoreham, West Sussex. I really wasn't very motivated to go out because it's been so cold recently. But luckily, I've got an ION on 6/5 with hood. This is a really comfortable wetsuit. It's got max flex throughout, which a lot people have got the seek amp, which has the max flex in the arms, in the chest on the new one. This ION seek Select is full body Max flex and then graphene on the inside. This top of the range wetsuit from ION is expensive, but is the only wetsuit I found this flexible for that thickness and I don't really notice the thickness, but I definitely notice that it's warm and it's flexible and it's just a lovely suit.

But that's not the reason I'm doing this video. Winter wetsuits, especially ones like this, are quite expensive. Some people buy two wetsuits to get around the problem of not having to go out on a cold, wet wetsuit in the morning or the next day if they're a frequent water user. I don't want to and can't really afford to have multiple of these wetsuits and we don't really or need to because you know, it's only cold for a few months of the year in the UK.

Some people have multiple summer suits and I think this makes sense when at the beach you might go in the water twice in one day / afternoon. But yeah, winter wetsuits, they're expensive, they're thicker. People don't want to buy multiple of them. The reason for this video is I've just grabbed one of the Surf Logic Pro Pro Heater Hangers, and you can probably hear in the background and I just got excited about it and just got the camera to make a video review.

Multiple hanging options

Adjustable and strong strap
Aluminum carabiner with foam cover protector
Drying time

Wetsuit thickness 3 mm: between 20 and 40 minutes
Wetsuit thickness 4 to 5 mm: between 35 and 60 minutes
Wetsuit thickness + 6 mm: between 45 and 75 minutes

Size in use: 450 x 177 x 157 mm
Size when not in use: 225 x 177 x 157 mm
Length of cord: 3 m
Durable construction
Voltage 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
United Kingdom GB plug 220V

It automatically turns off after 60 minutes, so you don't need to worry about it running forever. I think it also has some clever things inside if it notices it gets too hot, it'll stop running as well.

They are quite expensive, but they're much cheaper than buying a second expensive wetsuit. You don't want to buy two of them, but this is a really good way to dry your wetsuit nice and quickly and outside your home.

A lot of people have garages and they have power in their garages and it means you can keep your partners happy by keeping all the wet gear out the house.

It's 1400 watts. I'm not sure how much power consumption that uses.

I'm really pleased that I can go on the water tomorrow in a dry and warm wetuist. We've got weather warnings tonight. The waves are already pretty good. They're going to be really big tomorrow and it's swinging westerly (cross shore) and it's high tide in the morning. So I really need this wetsuit. And it wouldn't dry in front of the radiator unless i had the heating on all night.

You're not supposed to dry wet in dark sunshine. It's not good for the glue.


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