OUT NOW: JAG LTD 2023 - Worthing Watersports
The Jag LTD is easily as fast as dedicated competition shapes but at the same time it is incredibly comfortable to ride. For 2023, we redeveloped all Jag sizes (except the 94l which was already new in 2022) and created a new size split matching our customers demands and market feedback. Furthermore, we have migrated our existing Falcon Lightwind into the Jag range and therefore have a brand-new size of 158l. Except the 94l, all sizes are approved for foil use.
Triple footstrap inserts to adjust stance settings.
Smaller cut-outs for control, easy gybing and ease of planing.



It was mainly Jordy Vonk who was involved in the R&D for the new Jag; together with our Product Manager Daniel Aeberli. That´s why we asked him about some background info - make sure you read all about it!


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David Standing

David Standing

I Can’t wait to get mine!!

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