New episode out now: "The Art of Adapting" by Gabi Steindl - Worthing Watersports


Hi Sam,  

"The Art of Adapting“ premieres today. Featuring Professional Kitesurfer & Solo Adventurer Gabi Steindl, the twenty-first episode of ION‘s “Write Your Own Chapter” video series is an inspirational must-watch.

The film showcases Gabi and Jaimen Hudson, a quadriplegic wildlife photo and videographer. Two completely different life stories, yet both are fuelled by the same strong connection to the two elements: air and water.

"The Art of Adapting” serves as a beautiful reminder that in life, just like in the surf, it’s all about impermanence and constantly adapting to the surge of always-changing and unpredictable conditions as they arise. Navigating the ebbs and flows, embracing and thriving on the continuous change of the colors on our canvas of life with its associated highs and lows, is an adventure in itself.



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