Duotone Kiteboarding - SKY HIGH: NAMIBIA, EPISODE 3 - Worthing Watersports

Welcome to episode #3 of Sky High, this time, some of Duotone Big Air team pack up and leave the comforts of Cape Town! Their destination being a place known for strong winds and setting speed records. The crew reckon this is the spot to beat the crowds, but it's a bit of a mission. So they kit of three 4x4's and send it up the coastline... This is Africa... this is Namibia! . . . . . . Video: Dylan Osbourne, Troy Davies, Hayden Brown, Seb Porral Drone: Dale Staples Photography: Craig Kolesky Edit: Nomadic Sea Voice: Aron Rosslee Partners: Front Runner | Dometic Production Management: Craig Cunningham Produced by: Duotone Kiteboarding MusicBed: MB01GNYBQZSNNKQ 



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