Foil Drive MAX Power - How to E-foil for the first time - 60cm cable - Worthing Watersports
This morning, the sun was shining, and the sea was flat and glassy at Goring Gap, Worthing, West Sussex. So Sam, owner of Worthing Watersports, and Lionel Hatch from Swell Campers went for an E-Foil on the Foil Drive.

In this video, Sam teaches Lionel and the viewer the basics of Foildrive. Covering initial launch and lift. Explaining how to keep body weight forward whilst getting the board to full speed. Once full speed is achieved, you can shift some weight slightly back as you rise to your feet. Similar to surfing.

If you do not reach a high enough speed with the Foildrive motor, the foil will lift aggressively and too slowly. Causing you to create too much drag and stopping forward motion.

Sam also covers the basics of the FoilDrive wireless remote. Explaining the initial safety lock feature.

With the Foil Drive set up in full E-Foil mode, using a 60cm cable with three propellers, we were about to experience the true versatility of this equipment. The Foil Drive was securely attached to the wider Fanatic Downwind Foiling board, a perfect match for our climbing and learning needs.

We used the FoilDrive Max with the largest power battery, giving us a 40 min run time. Then, I had a second blast using the 1kg lighter sport battery for an extra 30 minutes of run time.

The Foil Drive three propeller upgrade kit gives extra thrust, which can help with full E-Foil mode.

Equipment used:

Foildrive MAX with Power and Sport batteries. -

Duotone SLS carbon 82cm mast. -

Duotone Glide 1305 -

Fanatic Downwind Board 6’2 120l -

Please contact us if you are considering purchasing a FoilDrive, would like some free advice, or would like to demo our Max Power Foil Drive.

YouTube Video Link:
FoilFoil drive

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