Duotone Wing Foiling - Introducing Concept Blue to Wing Foiling ♻️ - Worthing Watersports

Duotone Wing Foiling are fully aware of the environmental impact of our sports and recognize our collective responsibility. The Duotone Concept Blue range is Duotone's next step towards products that are more sustainable. While introducing the latest, more eco-friendly materials and product processes, Duotone maintain quality and performance. Join Duotone in this approach and learn why, from his first session on, Jerome Cloetens is using Duotone's new Slick Concept Blue exclusively.

The new Duotone Concept Blue model shares the same updates as the Duotone Slick, delivering identical performance and durability. Moreover, employing undyed fabrics, bio-based bladder material and recycled plastic parts saves water, energy, and dyestuff, reducing its CO2 footprint. This ensures an elevated Wing Foiling experience in a package that is more eco-friendly.


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