Fanatic - CLEAN BEACH DAYS - IT´S A WRAP! - Worthing Watersports

From 28th of April to 1st of May 2023, our partners all over the world dedicated special attention to nature's beautiful resource. Because our watersports rely heavily on the ocean and clean earth, it was important for us to take the responsibility seriously to take steps to clear our watersport spots of washed ashore plastic.


To give you some impressions of how the watersports community united at more than 17 different spots worldwide and enjoyed the time together on the spots while collecting plastic, we want to show you some photos and insights of this successful event. Therefore, a big thank you to all participants for providing us with footage.

We are happy to announce that this year we will donate 15.000 € to organizations that help globally and locally to clean our earth from ocean plastic, educate about a clean earth and making our world a better place.


We are thankful for all participants as every single person counts to #SaveOurPlaygrounds!

The money will go to following organisations:


Pure Water for Generations eV

A local organization, that helps educate the younger generations about the importance of clean water and is already partner with Fanatic SUP since a few years! @pure.water.for.generations.e.v


The Ocean Clean Up

As in previous years, we again want to support the Ocean Clean Up, as the largest clean-up mission in history. It is important for us to contribute to cleaning the oceans of plastic pollution to save our playgrounds.  @theoceancleanup


Clean Hub

To not only help collect plastic all over beaches and oceans, we also wanted to support an organization that is committed to recycling it. Therefore, we have partnered with CleanHub to fund the removal of 5.000 KGs of plastic from the environment over the next 12 months. Through this partnership, we are able to not only help collect plastic but also invest in resilient waste management solutions to treat the plastic. Starting in June 2023, Clean Hub will start collecting plastic across Asia, with the goal to reach 5,000kg of plastic removal in 12 months.



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