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ONE FOR ALL / The new Aero Free Foil Carbon
The Aero Free is our new performance Allrounder and the perfect addition to our larger Aero High Aspect wings – coming in similar aspect ratio, but with a new profile and outline delivering higher performance, more playfulness and reduced drag!

Aero Free 800: 800 Front wing / 216 Back wing

Fast and agile for all lighter riders and advanced foilers up to about 85kg, loves to go fast and handles powerful surf too

Aero Free 1000: 1000 Front wing / 216 Back wing

Offers a great combination of speed, lift and glide covering riders between 50-95kg

Aero Free 1250: 1250 Front wing / 250 Back wing

Early take off, exciting speeds, good pump and glide. Also a great choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with advanced level will love the range of this combo!

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