Duotone 2023 S_PACE Launch - Worthing Watersports

Boasting the biggest trim range on the market, the S_PACE is an incredibly versatile sail with a huge wind range. We have focussed intensely on this feature with one purpose in mind – increasing your time on the water. We know how frustrating it is when the wind changes, but with such a wide trimmable range, a few clicks on your POWER.XT 2.0 and you’re ready for whatever the wind decides! With 3 HYPER CAM 2.0 cambers, plus a sleeve inducer, the S_PACE has great stability in the top end, yet is also incredibly efficient in the low end of the wind range. 

NEW FOR 2023: 

For 2023 we made an exciting change to the S_PACE range, welcoming in a new size – the 5.4. We know that the S_PACE is popular with many smaller and lighter riders, and thus it was only logical to provide smaller sizes to allow them to ride in stronger conditions. The combination of comfort and speed makes it the perfect sail for races such as the DEFI WIND. 


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