Duotone Evo Kite & Gonzales Board Full Kitesurf Package Set 2023

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Evo Size & Colour: 10m - C18light-grey/blue
Twintip Gonzales Size: 138 cm Length
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Beginner and all-around kitesurfing package from top brand Duotone Kiteboarding.

The Evo is an all-around best-selling kite, which can be used not just as a beginner but is loved by experienced kitesurfers. So will be the start of your journey.

This complete package comes with everything you need to get Kitesurfing and includes the Kite, Bar, Board, fittings, leash and FREE Pump.


Duotone Evo kitesurfing kite 2023. The Duotone Evo Kitesurfing kite now in new colour options for 2022 is the best all-rounder in the Duotone range, the Evo is a favourite among many, for freeride, big air, waves and anything you want to do on the water. The Main differences from the Duotone 2019 Evo is the kites now have a narrower and lighter trailing edge, increasing stability, drift and reducing wear. There are many kites out there that claim to ”do it all”, try the Evo and decide yourself what it can't do! The Evo is not the ”Jack of all trades”. It's the master of them all

Duotone Gonzales Kitesurfing Board 2023. The Duotone Gonzales is one of the easiest to ride kiteboards around. In the smaller sizes it is smooth and forgiving, the larger sizes are perfect for beginners and larger riders. When you are first learning this sport you need a board that will help you to progress and make that progression as fast as possible. The Gonzales is an entry level kiteboard with a twist; it also has the ability to progress as you improve doubling up as a formidable freeride machine. The round outline offers excellent control while the soft flex makes it very forgiving. This flex pattern also ensures a smooth ride through the choppiest of water and the Mono Concave bottom gives you all the control you need during those early sessions during your kiteboarding career. Don't get a beginners board that will leave you wanting more, get the Gonzales and get the most out of your sessions!

The Duotone Trust Quad Kitesurfing control bar 2023. The new Duotone Trust Bar 2023 takes control to a new level, with an improved depower system and a big step forward for the chicken loop. The new Iron Heart VI features a Click-In Safety System; this allows you to simply push the chicken loop into the Iron Heart VI for easy connection. Perfect for riders using a rope slider bar and a real help when you pop your chicken loop and need to reconnect, especially in the water. It’s a whole new Depower Line Setup including a new Vario Cleat combined with the new Adjuster Clip to store the depower line. This has been specially designed for Duotone, featuring a new Dyneema line that minimizes wear and gives the best feeling for your fingers. The whole system was never so slick and organized. The FLITE99 lines from Robline reduce the drag through the air and offer a more direct steering response. The new V Distributor III can be adjusted easily, allowing you to quickly set the front line to split quickly. It can also be removed entirely, very easily, so you can have a very low V; this makes the Trust Bar compatible with most kites on the market. The new pigtails have reduced sleeving; only where it is needed, this reduces the weight and the drag through the air at a critical connection point to the kite. There is a Suicide Ring leash connection system; ride it in full safety mode or easily set up suicide for unhooked riding. There is also a new optional Low V Distributor, especially for schools, which comes with 12m + 12m lines. If you want one of the safest, most polished and tuned bars on the market, including a width adjustment, the Trust Bar is the most advanced all-round bar for any kite model or size.

Duotone Vario Combo Kiteboard Footpads 2023. An essential part of the Duotone collection, the Vario Combo footpads and straps are compatible with all Duotone boards, from every generation. Structured, comfortable and durable, the ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and cushy feel. Its proven anti-slip features guarantee a firm grip for optimum communication between you and the board. The strap insertions and track system ensure that the strap's width and pad's stance can be easily mounted on the board, and adjusted when needed. The advanced Velcro closure offers compatibility across a broad range of sizes, and is quick and easy to use.

More information about the Evo kite can be found here

More information about Gonzales board can be found here

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