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It’s remarkable how Red are able to keep innovating and adding iterative improvements to their boards. The Compact 8’10 is an excellent travel board that will have you dropping into lush tropical A-frames or exploring sunny European coastlines. If you yearn for quality without compromise when travelling this is a genuine next-level package.


Unboxing the Compact 8’10 provides a snapshot state of the iSUP avant-garde in 2023. The board itself carries a contemporary compressed malibu shape with a pulled in rounded pin tail and longboard nose. At just 4” thick the Compact carries a low profile and gentle rocker through its length. Quad Pact stringers run in parallel pairs deck and bottom giving torsional rigidity and RSS batons stiffen up the standing area.

The deck pad has varying textures with increased definition over the tail with incredible, almost fractal detail. It’s grippy, durable, and easy on the feet and knees. There’s an offset camera mount/ tow point and rear leash point with chunky D-rings. You can even relocate the carry handle to keep the centre deck clear when surfing. This board is just so light and pliable, it’s incredibly easy to fold up with pump, and easy to live with.

Brand Claim:

Unsurpassed in terms of lightweight, compact performance, the 8’10” Compact is a revolutionary new board which makes travel SUP/Surfing more accessible than ever before for riders up to 95kg. Our exclusive and patent protected MSL PACT material made from specially produced, high density drop stitch allows us to make a board that easily folds in half before being rolled up, whilst still maintaining industry leading stiffness and durability. Super small pack down size, with no compromise in performance.


The Compact backpack is well-proportioned for genuine extended hikes and travelling. The velour-lining on the back panels and straps is easy on the skin and wetsuits. The hip belt works like a true hiking backpack and the zips are the best we’ve seen for the marine environment. Stored neatly inside are the Compact 8’10, 5-piece carbon / Nylon paddle, 10’0 surf leash, RSS batons and click-fit twin fins. Amazingly the Titan II pump is also in there.

The Compact is a light, nimble board that sits low to the water. This gives the primary stability that surfers need and a good connection with the wave when you’re on it. The neat rounded-pin tail combined with the twin fin set up allows quick cutbacks and changes of direction. This board runs smoothly and trims nicely in the pocket if you’re blessed with such surf.

We’d be very happy taking the Compact 8’10 as a one-board-quiver daily driver on a trip with a variety of paddling themes from good surf to general cruising.

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Vital Stats

Price: £1349

Length: 8’10

Width: 29″

Thickness: 4”

Max. rider weight: 95 kg

Fins: Twin FCS / click-fin surf fins

 Credit to SUP International Mag

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