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Sorry about my slurred words, I was very out of breath from a swing against the currents to get back in. (didn't want to scratch my new foil!) In short, the foil is amazing and holds speed due to its very high efficiency and low drag. However, compared to a lower-aspect foil, this requires either: - flatter / smoother water - bigger board - more power in your wing - or just advanced-level skill On flat water OR somewhere with an easy launch and cleaner water state, this foil will be amazing! Once up, it's fast and free. Like hayling island… or mazza when it’s cross off. I was however able to use a 905 glide, whereas i would normally be on a 1150 Carve (Low Aspect) and I felt like I had plenty of foil, once i was up! Therefore it felt much faster and have more fun on the unbroken swell. I am 78kg on a 65-liter board, so I don't have a huge amount of float to get going. A 4-meter wing was also maybe a bit small for this board and foil combination in just 20 knots. Due to the glide needing speed to stay foiled, if you are not fast on your feet, it is a little more sensitive to gybe etc. Again, flat water or a bigger board, would not be an issue. Can see huge potential in this foil, down winders, or unbroken swell, its definitely feels faster and more fun. You feel like you have more freedom. For riding in proper breaking swell, requires some practice - mainly for launching ect, once up its epic! Website link:



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