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What's new for 2023 ?

1) Refined luff curve to make the draft/power/pull the same across every size.

2) The battens are slightly pulled back from the luff. This is very subtle, so you probably will not notice it when you first look at the sail. The effect is that the sail depowers and flips more easily—a subtle difference but with a big upside that you can really feel.

3) The biggest visual change is in the outline on the smaller sails. The 4.0 and down have an extended clew. This gives the smaller sails more of a longer boom feel. The biggest advantages are: a) better stability, which is really noticeable for jumping and b) you don’t need super short booms for the smaller sizes.

4) All sizes have a bigger window for more visibility. You'll be surprised how much this matters!

5) The bigger sizes have a more direct power delivery and get going faster when the wind is light.



Who is the EZZY WAVE for ? 

95% of windsurfers looking for a new sail, the Ezzy Wave is the way to go. 



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