New Duotone Aero Mid SLS QM Carbon Mast - Weight - Worthing Watersports
So the latest Duotone Carbon Foiling mast has just been released.
The Duotone Aero Mid SLS QM significantly decreases your time to get on the water!
In this video, Sam from Worthing Watersports shows us the weight difference.
Duotone SLS Carbon Mast - 82cm - 1794 grams
Duotone Aero Mid QM SLS - 82cm 1796 grams (including mount)
Duotone QM mount on its own - 254 grams
Duotone Aero Slim D/LAB - 82cm - 1536 grams
The new Aero SLS Quick Mount is the same weight as the Duotone SLS carbon mast but is a lot quicker and easier to use!
There are also no use or size restrictions on this quick mount mast, unlike the D/LAB mast which has a size restriction of 1meter wing span. This is due to the D/LAB being a thinner and softer mast. Intended for lighter riders and smaller foils.
Masts in this video:
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