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Shop rider @ben_grist has been testing his new @duotone.kiteboarding DLAB neos out in Kenya 🇰🇪

Duotone are the first brand to introduce the high performance composite materials into kitesurfing kites. These are a step up from the SLS’s.

Here is what Ben had to say from his first few sessions

“Hey, they are awesome!
I’ve used the 11m a fair bit, it’s great, particularly good for strapless freestyle as it has good hangtime. I have had plenty of wind so far, so can’t comment on the light wind performance yet. Though next week has lighter winds forecast.

I used the 9m yesterday which performed very well for freestyle. I also took it out in the waves, where I think hard setting are better. Also need to check inflation pressure is correct. Conditions were light and onshore when on the waves, so quite a challenge for the kite. The drift is very good.

The 11m was fine in the waves, though I had that rigged on hard, so need to play around with the 9m!”

The 11m is our shop demo kites. If you are a experienced rider and interested to know how the dlab performs. Please get in contact! The feedback from Italy before launch was very good. Many riders avoid large wave kites due to reduced performance. Apparently these have changed that for the better!

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