Duotone Kitesurfing Demo Day 6th May - Worthing Watersports
Just a few hours to go for our Duotone UK Kiteboarding Demo event on Goring Green! Situated just 2 mins walk from our shop.
Worthing is primarily a high tide spot. However, at peak high tide the shore break can be difficult. So it is best to avoid kiting exactly on high tide. The tide on push is good for waves.
On the drop is nice for cleaner spacing.
It is hard to get everything perfect for a demo and the wind being a dead southerly, will make getting off the beach tricky.
Please keep your eyes on other people and keep spaced out.
At low tide, the water becomes very shallow and is a very long walk. Boots are advised! As we have a rock bed.
Plenty of free parking (green on the map)
And a great local cafe with amazing cakes!
Please do not launch or land kites near Sea Lane Cafe. We will probably have a lot of pedestrians and spectators. Stick to the green and if you do not feel comfortable walking up the bank. The beach is just in front of the main green.
Please ask for help with launches.
There are plenty of people here to help 🙂
We are all packed up and ready to roll in the morning. Very excited and it's great that we have a decent wind forecast for the afternoon!
We might see some good action from top riders in the afternoon!
Some of our staff and local heroes have planned a beach clean in the afternoon. It would be great if people could help keep our playgrounds clean and tidy.
Please know your limits and discuss with us or local riders if unsure. We are here to help you enjoy your day.

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