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Duotone are thrilled to announce their exciting expansion to our foil lineup! Introducing the tool-less Duotone Aero Mid Quickmount SLS Mast (joining the Duotone Aero AL Quickmount Mast), along with the brand-new Whizz SLS Foil models for Prone, Wake, and Freefly winging. Also meet the new Duotone Amp SLS Foil, expertly designed for Dock Start and Pumping! Plus, check out our innovative Duotone S and H Stabilizers. Get ready to elevate your performance and versatility in the water!

Duotone's new Carbon Quickmount mast makes foiling easier than ever! No tools, no stress - simply leave your base plate on the board and mount your foil tool-free in just a few seconds in your favorite position every time you hit the water!
The profile of the Aero Mid QM SLS mast is sitting between the SLS and D/LAB mast, aiming to reduce drag compared to the SLS mast while still achieving high strength values in both bending and torsional directions – fast and responsive riding guaranteed!
  • Fast and easy foil mounting
  • No tools needed


See the full Duotone Foiling 2024 Range here

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