Duotone Evo SLS 2023 - Worthing Watersports

Extremely responsive and with super dynamic handling, making it even sportier and faster the 2023 Evo SLS will impress you. Featuring Duotone’s Penta TX frame construction with Trinity TX canopy, this kite’s flying characteristics were refined in several areas for 2023. Aggressive lift with super floaty hang time, or super tight, fast kite loops are just a few of the Evo SLS’s specialities. 




For our most versatile allrounder, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re into big air, kite loops, freeride, hooked freestyle or even wave riding — you’ll have total control right at your fingertips at all times. Plus with a greatly improved low-end this year, the 2023 Evo SLS will boost your kiting into another dimension regardless of the conditions or which discipline you choose to indulge in for that session.

International team riders Tom Hebert, Reno Romeu and Edgar Ulrich have already had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the 2023 Evo SLS. With Tom being the ultimate old-school “NewCal style”  king, Reno the Brazilian trick machine and Edgar our big air Young Blood, we get a comprehensive insight into which riding styles they personally use the Evo SLS for. Last but not least, the three shredders go into detail as to how the Penta TX / SLS construction improves the wind range as well as the performance of the kite compared to the classic model, and give us their expert opinion on the type of rider that the Evo SLS is most suited to.




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