2023 ION Wing Foil Kitesurf and Windsurf Harnesses - Worthing Watersports


Selection and overview of the new and updated 2023 ION Harness range for wing foil, windsurfing and kitefoiling. This year, it doesnt matter what style of harness you like most (soft, hard or hybrid) they now all come with the spectar bar! allowing customisation to suit your needs. Remember the higher the flex index the stiffer the harness feels. Also make sure you come in to get your back length measured! As the hard shells come in tall versions, to give you maximum support. Windsurf Harnesses: https://worthingwatersports.com/colle... Kitesurfing Harnesses https://worthingwatersports.com/colle... Wing Foil Harnesses https://worthingwatersports.com/colle...



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