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The Slick SLS Package includes the Wing, Miniboom Silver, Leash and Pump. Slick SLS The most popular model in the range is now lighter with more lift and stability resulting in a wing that’s easier to use with a smoothness that will make you want to stay on the water for hours!

PentaTX material across the leading edge and strut delivers precise, responsive feedback to your fingertips. PentaTX has been a game-changer within Duotone’s Kiteboarding department. It’s not only lighter but also stiffer resulting in crisper, more direct feedback.

The segmented leading edge has allowed designer Ken Winner to increase the stiffness and rigidity across the mid-section through the use of stronger material, resulting in direct power transfer and a highly responsive wing. The Slick SLS features the mini boom, giving you infinite hand placement options. The intuitive mini boom allows your hands to always be in the right spot for any moves you’re about to tackle, whether you are trying your first tacks or the wildest air rotations.

For 2022, the Slick SLS has been completely re-designed with a new outline. This sees improvements to the luffing stability while surfing waves and during downwinders and adds power and hang time for jumps. The Slick SLS is great for rotational moves and has been engineered to give enough clearance to reduce the dragging of the wingtips. A new window layout reduces weight while maintaining visibility to any blind spots. The tips and strut twist have been tuned to maximize the lift and stability with a tight canopy tension and a clean profile making it easy and stable to ride one-handed even in gusty conditions. The mini boom is available in both Aluminium or Carbon options and is compatible with the first-generation Slick wings.

Whether you’re just starting and learning the basics or going for pro-level moves, the Slick is an intuitive wing packed full of performance that guarantees you quick progression! Miniboom Silver (Alu) The Mini Boom is simply inserted into the webbing on the back of the strut and then pushed into the connection for the boom front, which is additionally secured by two retainer Velcro straps. Installing the Mini Boom only takes a few seconds and the inflation pressure guarantees a solid and intuitive handling sensation. Leash The coiled leash is available in two lengths, 4“ (M) and 5“ (L), to have the perfect size depending on your wing span. The smaller 4“ (M) is recommended for wings below 5m and the longer 5“ (L) for wings 5m and bigger. Pump

It is the next generation wing (the 4th boomed for Duotone) it is based on the current Unit canopy with slightly pulled-in wing tips, a new window design and obviously our patent-pending boom system. It's super light with the new SLS material and I've been using the 4m several times now here in the UK and I can tell you its incredibly stable, controllable, positive in the hands and has an amazing rotation and light feel when tacking and gybing or performing any rotating manoeuvres. The pulled-in wing tips certainly help with less wing drag which is especially helpful for beginner/intermediates and when using larger sizes.

The Slick SLS uses the same booms as the current Slick and we will be launching a newer SLS boom later in the season.

Package includes: 
- Duotone SLS Slick
- Duotone Silver Mini Boom
- Duotone Wing Foil Wrist Leash
- Duotone Large Pump

I believe for all the UK conditions except full-on waves this is the wing to have.


The Duotone Slick SLS is the evolution of one of the most versatile wing available right now. Thanks to the boom, the Duotone Slick SLS excels from freestyle  to freeride and it is also an excellent option for beginners. The boom is widely loved by windsurfers that feel them self immediately at home with this amazing wing. For 2022-2023 the shape has been slightly changed but the Slick, keeps it's compact shape  that makes it ideal for freestyle tricks and in the big sizes makes sure the tips won't easily touch the water.

What does SLS mean? SLS stands for strong, light, superior !  The Slick uses Penta TX material that makes the wing 15% lighter compared to a normal construction. The penta TX material is not only lighter but also stronger and this means you can expect an improved performance of the wing. More efficiency and a lighter feeling are waiting for you!!! 


The new Duotone Slick SLS features the miniboom, this allows for easier freestyle moves, rotations, jumps, tacks and overal riding performance. 


the new windows are minimalistic but strategically placed on the wing and guarantee a good view and weight reduction


  • Mini boom construction
  • Penta TX material,  lighter&stiffer
  • Compact shape, ideal for freestyle and/or small riders 
  • Efficient

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