Slingshot Hoverglide FSUP v3 (infinity 84)

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84 front wing / 48 rear wing, 71cm aluminium mast and the shift fuselage. Just the wings are carbon. Some chips on the wing just from contact with bottom when learning but does not effect performance at this level. Huge lift - gets going in 10/11 knots for me with a 5. Does not breach aggressively. Only issue is currently fuselage stuck on front wing (needs to go in a chest freezer). 


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A big wing for big dreams. The FSUP package comes with our Infinity 84 wing, which has enough surface area and lift to get you up and foiling on tiny waves, rolling swell, downwinders or with the newest wind-related craze- the SlingWing. Also gives you the most bang for your buck when pumping.

The Hover Glide F-SUP foil is built to be paired with SUP boards and carry a larger load when it comes to board weights, but that’s not all it does well … The FSUP is also the go-to foil package for those pump junkies looking to take a lap around their pool, dock starting, and pirating other boat’s waves! The F-SUP is part of Slingshot’s signature Hover Glide foil platform, built with an aluminum structure and outfitted with carbon wings, creating the perfect balance of performance and price. The F-SUP foil comes with a 71cm mast – increasing the responsiveness of the foil and giving surfers a larger range from the foil to the board – ideal for getting more distance out of each “stroke” as surfers pump the foil to maneuver between waves or across flat water. Finally, the F-SUP is outfitted with the Infinity 84 cm wing which has the largest surface area to feed off the smallest amounts of wave energy, support the heaviest of riders and boards with ease, and be able to keep riders flying at the slowest of speeds.

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